How does Turkey Jerky Trail Mix fare as a Healthy Diet?

Trail mix is a popular food item and a particular type of snack mix. It is considered an ideal food for hikes because it is lightweight, easy to store and nutritious, providing a quick energy boost from the carbohydrates in the dried fruit and gets its energy from fats in nuts. Turkey jerky coupled with dry fruits and nuts make it an ideal snack food for breakfast. The popularity of turkey jerky is soaring and in and around US it is more popular than beef jerky.

Turkey jerky is known to be a healthy product. It is low in fat, low in calorie, high in protein, but many factors impact nutrition. It is made from strips of cooked turkey meat that is seasoned and dried. Cuts of meat, added sugar, seasoning amounts and sodium vary by brand.

Let us take a look at how turkey jerky fares as a snack food –

Protein Content – Turkey makes a great snack food for a number of reasons. It contains high amount of dietary protein, which is not only important to help maintain and promote new muscle growth, but is also a highly satiating food. This clearly means that when you are having a food rich in proteins you basically are full after having that and you don’t feel hungry for a longer period of time.

Fat Content – Nearly all protein contents contain some amounts of dietary fats. It is the type and amount of fat that determines how good and healthy the food is. Some jerkies have been found containing fats but those contains are very less in amount and contribute very less to the jerky meat.

Salt Content – One of the major disadvantages of turkey jerky is the salt content. Eating foods that is rich in sodium can lead to weight gain and can increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Calorie Content – Food that contains high amounts of protein are relatively low in calories. It has been reported that snack foods   that contain high amounts of fat have been linked to the development of obesity.

The packaging of turkey jerky is done to keep it fresh and safe. Jerky Trail Mix Co Packer is relatively new kind of jerky meat which is combined with dry fruits to make it the best snack food.


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